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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

There's Got to be a morning after.......

We're back to wedding mode today here on the blog. There's just so much excitement in my life these days!!! :-) My blogs are bouncing all around!
We rented the entire south end of cabins at Camp Kiwanee for our guests to spend the night of the wedding. It was so much fun!!! After the formal wedding reception, we all changed into our jeans and sweatshirts, and went across into the woods where the cabins are, and had a campfire, roasted marshmallows, made samoas (yum) had snacks, and where 15 pizzas which we had delivered were devoured! Not to mention the beverages that were consumed! :-) It was a great problems, no drama, and just a fun happy night.
Here are Miss J and Steve the morning after the wedding, waiting for breakfast to be served in the Pavilion:

Breakfast and the after party were both held in the "Pavillion", which is a large rustic cabin in the campground area. It was a perfect setting for our needs. Here is the fireplace in the Pavilion which gave a cozy atmosphere to the breakfast:

Breakfast was prepared and served by the same caterer we used for the reception dinner. Both meals were A plus........our guests were raving about the really was I'd like to give a big shout out to Heart Brothers Caterers. They were fantastic to work with and made Miss J and Steve's wedding weekend extra special. Here they are working the breakfast buffet in the Pavilion:

Here are some of our guests eating breakfast:

One of the flower arrangements from the wedding that I brought over to spruce up the pavilion for breakfast. I loved the way the morning light was coming in through the screened window on this:

Some of our family/friends didn't spend the night, but came back the next morning with their kids to join us for breakfast. Here's my nephew Greg (who put all of the corn stalks and hay bales up on the exterior of the lodge for us....thanks Greg) and his wife Jess and their daughter Rowan (Rowan has made a few appearances here on the blog in the past) she came to the campground dressed as a skunk! How adorable?????

My nephew Chris and his wife Nikki and their son Ashton rode their bikes back to breakfast!

Jay and his girlfriend Amanda packing up to head home:

As the morning progressed, the temperature warmed up quickly. Here's Miss J packing up to leave wearing her sexy little bride t shirt that was under her sweatshirt! :-)

Yeah......what a weekend!!!!!!! It was perfect in every way. We are truly blessed!

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  1. seeing all the wedding photos thanks for sharing..they grow up so fast.. christine r