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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Southwest Vermont

This week was my first trip to the Southwestern area of Vermont. I loved it here! Just like the Berkshires in Western MA, I really wished that I had more time to spend in this area. I will return to this area at some point for sure. Here's a farm in North Pownal:

Peak foliage in North Pownal VT:

A typical country road in North Pownal VT:

My friend and fellow photographer, "Charles", from the Scenes of Vermont Foliage Forum, has shared many images he has taken from Carpenter Hill Road in Southwest Vermont. I'd like to thank Charles for telling me about this gem of a road. I never would have found it on my own. It's a beautiful dirt country road that is lined in areas with apple orchards, and also has some stunning views. Here are a few of my images from Carpenter Hill Road:

No matter where you go in the state of Vermont, you will find beauty. It is never ending.......

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous images. The colors are unreal and really pop. I am enjoying your blog . . . thanks for sharing.