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Saturday, August 6, 2011

An easy fix (Whew!)

Two weeks ago today I had some guests from camera club staying at my house in VT. One of them was relaxing in the downstairs guest room on Saturday afternoon, as we were getting ready to go out to dinner. As he was laying there, water started leaking from the ceiling onto the bed.
Oh......can you say embarrassed? "Sure, come to my house and stay the night......don't mind the water leaking from the ceiling......... you don't mind, do you?"
I immediately told them that I would sleep in that room, and they could sleep in my room upstairs. At this point, they were probably secretly hoping they could leave and go to a motel. You know......a nice place......a place where water doesn't come pouring down on your head as you're laying in bed.

This morning Mr. S and I drove up to Barton to investigate where the leak came from, and to fix it if possible. It's an old house........and with old houses come lots of problems. Mr. S is getting pretty sick of having to deal with all of the "old house" problems. I can't say I blame him.......but I still love that house. Mr. S on the other hand......... Whenever we have these "little" problems, the words sell this place usually come out of his mouth. I ignore it.......I think it's just his frustration coming out and then when the problems are all fixed, he falls in love with the house all over again.
I think.
Anyways, Mr. S found the leak right away today, and it was an EASY fix!!!!!! This was the problem:

The faucet was leaking under the vanity! Easy fix.......went down to the village and bought a new faucet......problem solved!
I was so happy......and now we can live happily ever after in our old Vermont house :-) 

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