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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Pioneer Man Hero :-)

While traveling along Rte 93 North this afternoon, on our way up spend the weekend in VT, the Weeney Wagon broke down. I KNEW we should have taken Frita (she's my vehicle and a very reliable girl!) Anyways, the weeney wagon overheated so we pulled over into the breakdown lane. Steam was rising from under the hood. Mr S opened the hood and found a broken hose that goes into the intake manifold. It was completely broken off leaving a hole in the intake manifold.
Next thing I know, Pioneer Man (aka Mr S) was in the woods breaking small branches off the trees. He brought these branches up to the truck and found one that was the approximate size to plug the hole. He then took out his pocket knife and whiddled the stick to get it to be the right size.
Pioneer man then grabbed an empty gallon jug from the back of the truck and headed back into the woods. He soon returned with the jug full of water. He found a stream to fill the jug in the woods, and filled the radiator with water.
Temporary fix...just to get us off the highway and to the next exit (exit 17 in NH) We ended up in downtown Penacook NH (what a quaint little town with some beautiful white steepled churches) Pioneer Man knew all he needed was a bolt to temporarily block the hole. We pulled up to the hardware store in downtown Penacook at 5:07 pm. It closed at 5 PM. Problem.
Pioneer Man then turned around and headed back to a motorcycle repair shop that he saw up the road, went in and came back out with the owner and a bucket full of bolts. The owner was a great kid!!! He and Pioneer Man found just the right bolt to plug the hole......with a few turns of a ratchet and a few bangs of a hammer, the hole was plugged.
I would like to give a big shout out to Farwell Cycle in Penacook NH.
They couldn't have been any friendlier or more willing to help. They loaded us up with three gallons of water and we were on our way. Rather than risking going North to VT, we decided to head back home to MA. We made it home, safe and sound at 7:30 pm.
The Weeny Wagon will be getting a permanent fix tomorrow morning.
Pioneer Man is snoozing on the couch right now. :-)
We have been making trips to VT for years, and this is the first time we've broken down. Not a bad record......let's hope this was the first and last!


  1. I tell ya... I love a man who can fix stuff!

  2. Me too Chris!!! And the Weeney Wagon is now permanently fixed! :-)

  3. I love this story!!! This is classic Mr. S...we love him! Sorry you didn't make it up to VT though...but you have a GREAT story. :-)

  4. Thanks Heather. Yup, never a dull moment with Mr S around. :-)Glad you liked the story. :-)

  5. What an adventure! And you told it so well... I hung on every word... :-)

  6. Thanks Tracy! Believe it or not, there's more to the story....this was the Readers Digest version. :-)Glad you enjoyed it.