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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! I just got home from having a wonderful dinner (LOBSTER CASSEROLE.....YUM) at P.J.'s Country House in Scituate. (A favorite special occasion restaurant of ours.) This is the first year, since we had kids, that we actually had a date night on Valentine's Day.......25 plus years. It's also the first time that every single one of us in this house had a date night on Valentine's Day. All 3 kids had dates......including Jay who took a girl out to dinner tonight......was news to me that he even had a "special Valentine", but then who am I and why should I know such things anyways?

Mr S received a very special Valentine........and it was not from was from another girl. Well, take a look at it yourself:

What man could resisit this charm?????? :-)

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