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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healing, Caring, and Comforting

Photography is about creating images that invoke an emotional response to the viewer. It is with love that I post today's photo.
Update on my Dad: We are awaiting one more test to be MRI..........hopefully it will be done this evening, otherwise it will be done first thing tomorrow morning.. There is a possibility that he may require surgery. I will update again tomorrow. Thanks for the good wishes, thoughts and prayers.
By the way, "Healing, Caring, and Comforting" is the vision statement of  the hospital....a statement that all of us employees are well aware of, and what we follow each and every day.


  1. Carol,Please let me know if i can do anything at all. I can stop in to visit him after work on Thursday if it's ok.

  2. Thanks MaryC. That would be nice. He's not up for too much company, so if you came by yourself and visited for a short time I think it would make him very happy.