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Friday, October 15, 2010

Where I'm heading

                                                 It's 5 minutes before midnight. I totally forgot to take a photo today. This is the first time that's happened! I have been feverishly working on my VT photos all night and just realized that I never took a photo today. I'm exhausted and can't wait to go up those stairs and climb in my comfy bed. I know,,,,,this is a very lame photo but it's where my brain is at, at the moment.
Today's BONUS PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!

I only had one morning the whole week that I was in Vermont for a true clear sunrise. This particular morning, I was all alone, up on Bragg Hill Road in Waitsfield VT. I liked the way the sun was shining through this foliage on this hillside.....this was taken about 10-15 minutes after the sun rose. 

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