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Monday, October 18, 2010

Muskrat Susie or Muskrat Sam?

  This little critter scared the sh*t out of me this afternoon down at the cemetery pond. I was NOT expecting him to come along, and he ran in front of me and went in the water for a swim and some lunch.
Notice the noise in this shot? Oops.........the ISO was left on 1600 from last night. Duh! You think I would know better by now. I hate when I make these stupid mistakes.
Today's BONUS PHOTO  from VT is another DAILY DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday's bonus was the herd of cows. Todays photo of the day was a in keeping with the animal/critter theme, here are 2 shots I took one evening on Common Rd in Waitsfield VT. I think these guys are waaaaaay cuter than the muskrat, so they kind if make up for the eeew gross factor of the muskrat. 

 These are among the few photos that I was able to process using Photoshop CS3, before the laptop fried for good. I used the PS filter called Poster Edges on these 2 shots. It's my favorite PS filter and I like to use it on photos just like these.
This second shot.......I really liked the light from the setting sun that was coming in through the barn window.

 I hope you liked them too!


  1. I think Mr muskrat is kind of cute! Although, I
    have to agree that the sheep are adorable!!

  2. Thanks Nancy. The muskrat was kind of cute as he was swimming....but he wasn't too cute when he ran by me and scared me. :0) Glad you liked the sheep....I like them too! :-)