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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holy Sh*t!!!!!!! :-)

This photography business is going to get me in trouble one of these days! I had a close call this evening. In keeping with the "farm theme" I seem to have going, I went to a sod farm in Whitman to take a shot of the tractors and farm equipment being stored in an open lean-to. As I was setting up, the farmer came out of his house and was not too happy with me. I gave him a sweet smile :-) and asked for his permission to take a photo. His response: "WHY????" :-) He never did give me permission, so that was a total bust. I drove for 10 more minutes and stopped at a farm in Bridgewater. I loved this whimsical cow manure sign! So, Mr Crankypants Whitman farmer.........I found a better farm for my photography. So there! :-)
Here's where I got into even bigger trouble. I thought this cow manure sign and shovel was pretty funny, so as I was actually standing at the edge of a pile of sh*t to take this photo........guess who pulls up??? A Bridgewater Police Cruiser (all I could think about was uh-oh......"N" is going to kill me.....I sure hope I don't get into trouble here) LOL :-) I explained to the polite officer what I was doing. He grinned (I can only imagine why) and drove off. WHEW!!! I escaped becoming a criminal!!!!!!
Which brings me to this last photo that I took. I loved the reflection of the tall silo in a puddle!!!! I converted it to black and white and rotated it 180 degrees and voila!!!! A creative abstract.!!
The Specs:
All taken with the Panasonic LX3, ISO 400


  1. Carol,
    You are TOO much!! When did your young police officer have to say to you last night! ;-) On the bright side, you got some really nice shots...even if you got into a lot of trouble getting them!

  2. Hi Heather,
    Are you referring to "N"? Well, he just shook his head and gave me a smirk. :-)

  3. Hmmmmm..I don't know if I can be seen with
    you anymore Carol since you now engage in
    criminal activity!!!!! haha
    Great pictures!!
    Hope all goes well for you with your surgery.

  4. Too funny! The silo reflected shot is great!