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Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Sugar Season In New England!

This is the time of year that the sap flows from the maple trees. The ideal conditions for the flow of sap is weather that alternates between freezing and thawing. It was a wonderful surprise to recently find out there is a maple syrup farm in W Bridgewater easy drive from my home. Typically we buy our maple syrup in Vermont and I consider myself a maple syrup snob. I know the "good stuff" and don't settle for anything less. Yesterday, I took the folks out for a drive, and we stopped to visit Matfield Maple Farm. We were greeted by the owners (and their adorable little dogs) and were given a sample of their Grade A syrup. I was apprehensive. Surely syrup produced in MA couldn't be as good as syrup produced in VT. Or could it be? Drum roll was delicious! Honestly, just as good!

I met my llama friend with the reflective eyeball at Matfield Farm yesterday. Delicious syrup, friendly llamas.........a wonderful place to visit. Please support our local farmers!

Which brings me to today's photo of the day. Pancakes and real Massachusetts syrup for dinner tonight. Yummo!!

                            The Specs:
Nikon D90, 50 mm lens, ISO 200, f1.8, 1/25


  1. Maple syrup for dinner and not from VT???? Hmmmm...... well you will have to set me up with a blind taste test so I can see for myself! Of course, you have to make the pancakes and french toast and waffles. I'll pour. :)

    Make a believer out of me!!! I would feel like a traitor to my favorite state if I switched!

    All kidding aside, it looks wonderful and what a great day trip! I'll be over for dinner in a flash!

  2. Hmmmmm.....a blind tast test. You're on! We'll do it this October in Vermont. :-) I bet you won't be able to tell the difference. I was pleasantly surprised by just how good it is.
    Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  3. Yum...LOVE maple syrup and have tasted different kinds from all over NE as well as Canada. In my book, they're all good! We have breakfast for dinner ALL the time. Who's gonna stop us? :-)

  4. I consider myself a "syrup snob", too! :)

  5. Yup, it's one of those things that you just HAVE to have THE BEST! :-)I know a few other "syrup snobs" from my group of Vermont welcome to the club Chris!

  6. Thanks Tracy. We haven't done breakfast for dinner for a while, and it was a big hit with the family tonight. :-)

  7. Oh Carol!!! Say it ain't so!!! If its not from Vermont, its JUST NOT Maple Syrup :-)

  8. Hi Andy,
    It is so!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
    I am going to round up all of you nay-sayers in my kitchen in Vermont this Fall and do a taste test. I know you're a bigger syrup snob than me.....but you just wait and see!